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As per Galahad's postings, numerous Magazine reviews & WIP's often pointed to an Amiga game being a likely "ST port"-& did occur as much in original titles as conversions-for example Andy Braybrook's Paradroid '90 was designed primarily with the ST as the primary machine & Amiga secondary in consideration-hence the translation lacked the original C64's version's multi-direction scroll! (In favour of a vertical scroll with the ST's weakness for horizontal scrolling).
As I think Galahad was pointing out even in later years when the Megadrive & co. started to pull ground away from Amiga, the ECS conversions of said Megadrive titles eg: Desert Strike, Mortal Kombat etc.,were considerably improved when compared to the likes of Strider, Dynasty Wars, Shadow Warriors, Ghouls 'n'Ghosts etc.

As for WJS designs-I seem to recall an incredibly insipid "conversion" of C64 masterpiece Creatures being amongst their credits,wherein completely changing the sprite scale of the main game sprites was the first of many design flaws,'nuff said!
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