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Originally Posted by Stefan Lindberg
Teirtex games had crap graphics on the ST also even if it used the full colour capacity of it, why would 16 clours more mean it would become better.
About Teque they did as i see good enhanched Amiga version compared to the ST... ok some might still use 16 colours on Amiga also but it could be because adding more would slowdown the game too much?

W.J.S is a very good gamecompany i don't know why you would mention it as a bad one? Any particular game you think of? ORK certainly looks much better on Amiga
WJS good? Are you for real? Do a search in HOL for all of their 'gems'. Ork is a flat Reflections/Beast lame wannabe. An absolutely pitifully dull game. Wayne J Smithson knows as much about programming Amiga games as I do solving world peace!

Teque (Teque London as they changed to) got better in the later stages, coincidentally, when they no longer supported the Atari ST! Coincidence... I think not!

Early Teque, the only reason the music was any good is because Matt Furniss their musician was an ex demo musician from Magnetic Fields. This is the company that did the quite ok Continental Circus, then LATER produced a worse Chase HQ!!!! People are supposed to get better not worse at programming!!!!

Do your research! anyway, this thread is going off topic.
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