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i hate to drudge up an old thread, but could someone re load that .lf into the zone, or tell me if i'm gonna have the same problem with the .bin/.cue files.

I just burned them to a CD using toast (Mac user, duh...) and extracted everything fine. I just haven't played up to that point to see if it locks up.

Also - I have original copies of these games on Amiga 3.5 floppies (boxes and all) from waaaay back in the day. I was wondering If I could somehow use these with scummvm. Obviously when I try to mount the disks in OS X I get nothing. I also tried on a windows machine and it just wants to format the disks... So even though I am an original owner of Monkey Island, Atlantis and Zak, I can't seem to use my old amiga disks.

one other thing. I got the music for Zak (fm towns) in mp3 format and tried the method of getting them to work that's in the scummvm readme, but it doesn't seem to be playing at appropriate times. suggestions?

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