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Thank you guys!

Answering the question why wb1.3 over 2-

On my real a500 I had wb1.3, so it's a nostalgia thing. I converted my real wb1.3 disk to adf. Plus 1.3 icons always look wierd on 2. Plus with 1.3 I've got a lot of cool little toys- like wallpaper (via dropcloth), a start menu (via shortcut- I think came out in 1987 or 88) similar to what windoze came up with finally in win95 several years after (1995) wb1.3 had an app to do that, I've got a couple of themes for the window appearances (simple but cool), lots of mouse pointers including animated ones, magic wb1.3 if I ever want it (I have it but haven't set it up because I'm lazy to convert all the icons to look right), and a couple dozen other little things. It's sort of fun to mess around with because it's fun to see how much you can squeeze and tweak out of such a primitive OS. I'm sure a lot of it can be done on 2.0, but I never used it in the day. Maybe sometime I'll check it out. For now I like 1.3 and really like the 3.1 stuff like amigasys (but the hard drive converted games don't always work 100% right- little bugs that the floppy images on wb1.3 don't have) and will probably get 3.9 soon. So it's just a nostalgia/tweak happy sort of thing.

Anyway, I'll try the suggestions this evening. Thank you again for your help!
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