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Commodore dealers list 1985

				 				 		 EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 16, 1985 
Part # Product 		Description 				 	 Price Avail 
 1000    Amiga Computer  CPU, 256K ROM, 192K RAM, built-in 	  1295.00 Sep 
						3 1/2 inch, 880K DS/DD disk drive, 
						4096 color capability, detachable 
						86 key keyboard including data entry 
						pad and 10 function keys. Two-button 
						mouse included. 
 1080    Amiga Monitor   Hi-res color monitor, RGB (digital or   495.00  Sep 
						analog) or composite video selectable, 
						.39 dot pitch, color, tint and volume 
						controls, RGB cable included, dual 
						speakers, and mini amplifier. 
 1010    External 3.5    3.5" ext. disk drive, 880K bytes.  295.00  Sep 
 1020    External 5.25   5.25" external disk drive, provides 	   395.00  Sep 
						IBM compatibility. 
 1025    AmigaTransformer 3.5" diskette drives IBM compatibility 	99.95  Nov 
 1030    AmigaTransformer Increases the speed performance of the  99.95  Dec 
 		Accelorator 	AmigaTransformer 
 1680    Modem/1200 RS   External modem, 300/1200 baud select,   295.00  Nov 
						auto dial/answer, Hayes compatible. 
 1050    256K RAM Exp.   User upgradable 256K RAM cartridge 	 195.00  Sep 
 3406    RF Modulator    Includes RF Modulator, cable 		   ??? 
 1100    Answer Mate:    A programmable computer controlled 	 249.95  TBA 
						telephone answering machine, beeperless 
						remote, battery backed up clock, multi- 
						tasking software included. 
 1110    Answer Mate 	Turns the Answer Mate into a Hayes 	  99.95  TBA 
 		Modem Cartridge compatible 1200 baud modem under soft- 
						ware control. 
 1300    Genlock 		An interface to allow the computer to   249.95  Dec 
						synchronize to external video sources 
						such as VCRs and laser disks for increased 
						graphics cababilities. 
 1400    MIDI Interface  An acronym for Musical Instrument 	   49.95  Dec 
						Digital Interface - allows the Amiga to 
						communicate to a variety of musical 
						instruments that also support MIDI. 
 - - - - - - - 
 5100    Textcraft 	  Powerful entry level work processing    124.95  Oct 
						stressing ease of use, on-screen docu- 
						mentation and templates for business 
						letters, memos, etc. 
 5101    Chartcraft 	 Powerful business graphic package for   149.95  Nov 
						quality charts, graphics, and all your 
				 	reporting needs. Capable of producing 
						3D, shaded, exploded, expanded, and a 
						variety of special effects to accentuate 
						any business presentation. 
 5102    Moviecraft 	 Advanced animation effects and image 	99.95  Nov 
						manipulation using icons and pull-down 
						menus for easy and rapid implementation. 
 5103    Calcraft 	   Second generation, menu-driven spread-   99.95  Dec 
						sheet is feature packed including indi- 
						vidual column widths, logic functions, 
						centering, comma insertion and horizontal 
						or vertical split screens. Also data 
						compatible with Visicalc. 
 5110    General Ledger  Electronic balance sheet for all your   124.95  Oct 
						company's needs. 
 5111    Accounts Rec.   For billing of outstanding accounts.    124.95  Nov 
 5112    Accounts Payable For payment and cash flow analysis.    124.95  Nov 
 5113    Sales system    Electronic point-of-sale system. 	   124.95  Jan 
 (The four products above include on-screen instructions as well as step-by- 
 step instruction.  Designed specifically for small business; each module 
 is totally integrated with the same commands and shareable data.) 
 5700    Telecraft 	  Easy to use but sophisticated communi-   79.95  Nov 
						cation and terminal emulation package. 
 5200    TLC Logo 	   Complete with documentation, this 	   99.95  Dec 
						product is ideally suited for the 
						Education Market Place. 
5201 Pascal 		 A powerful commercial programming 	 199.95 Oct 
						language. It includes enhancements 
						that make it a convenient environment 
						for the devlopment of structured, 
						efficient and maintainable software. 
						Also known as MCC Pascal 68000, it 
						was prepared in accordance with the 
						ISO standard. 
5202 C 			 68000 C language compiler for Amiga 	299.95 Oct 
						software development in C, a popular 
						language (because of its power and 
 5203    Assembler 	  Software development tools, including   199.95  Oct 
						macro assembler, linkage editor and 
						overlay editor. 
 5204    LISP 		   A symbol processing programming language 199.95 Oct 
						used extensively in the field of 
						artificial intelligence. 
 5300    Graphicraft 	An illustration product designed for 	99.95  Oct 
						the intermediate user. This product 
						incorporates many time-saving features 
						in aiding users in graphics design and 
5500 Musicraft 	 Designed for the first-time user 		99.95 Oct 
						featuring music synthesis capabilities. 
						Extensive use of both the sound and 
						graphics capabilities of the Amiga. 
 5501    Musicraft Pro   A highly sophisticated music program    199.95  Jan 
				 	designed for professionals. Transforms 
						the Amiga into your own personal sound 
 5601    Robot War 	  A strategy arcade simulation in a world  49.95  Jan 
						of robot warfare. 
5602 Mutant 		 Strategy arcade game. 			 49.95 Jan 
 5604    Driving Game   Put yourself in the cockpit of a race    49.95  Jan 
						car. Animation and graphics provide 
						endless hours of entertainment.
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