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Firstly, if you're using emulation, why would you bother with WB1.3 over WB2+? WB2 is so much more friendly than WB1.3!

Anyway, if you can't fix the protection bits on those files like so:

protect c:resident +p

then change each resident line in the startup sequence so it has >NIL: on the end - then you will not see the error messages appearing. eg:

resident c:Assign pure >NIL:

Pure programs are written in a certain way that they use no local variables - everything is allocated off the stack. That way, the same command can be run multiple times in memory with only one copy of the command.

Anyway, all those resident programs are only used a few times during startup anyway, so the other alternative is simply to nuke all those resident commands. I doubt you'd notice any difference with your hard drive loading to be honest.
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