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pure bit not set?

Hi guys,
I'm running an amiga 500 type setup in winuae, with wb1.3 and a harddrive.
Things go fine for a while and then when the amiga boots up, I get a pure bit not set message a few times in a row at the end of the startup messages. Anyone know what's messing up or what I can do to set it? My fix so far has been to keep a backup of my hard drive directories and then just recopy the whole thing when it messes up and start over from scratch.

Here is my startup-sequence file:

c:SetPatch >NIL: ;patch system functions
Addbuffers df0: 10
cd c:
echo " "
echo "*e[33mWelcome!*e[0m"
play wb1.3:c/effect4
echo " "
echo "Now booting your Amiga Workbench. Release 1.3.2 version 34.28"
Sys:System/FastMemFirst ; move C00000 memory to last in list
echo " "
SetClock load ;load system time from real time clock (A1000 owners should
;replace the SetClock load with Date
echo " "
echo " "
echo " "
resident CLI L:Shell-Seg SYSTEM pure add; activate Shell
resident c:Execute pure
mount newcon:
failat 11

run execute s:StartupII ;This lets resident be used for rest of script
wait >NIL: 5 mins ;wait for StartupII to complete (will signal when done)
SYS:System/SetMap usa1 ;Activate the ()/* on keypad
path ram: c: sys:utilities sys:system s: sysrefs add ;set path for Workbench

LoadWB delay ;wait for inhibit to end before continuing
run >nil: <nil: wb1.3:c/shortcut.extra

endcli >NIL:


Some of the problem might be in my startupII file so here it is as well:


resident c:Resident pure
resident c:List pure ;pre-load LIST and CD
resident c:CD pure
resident c:Mount pure ;the next 3 are loaded for speed during startup
resident c:Assign pure
resident c:Makedir pure
;make IF, ENDIF, ELSE, SKIP, ENDSKIP, and ECHO resident if
;you use scripts much, and can afford the ram.
;also make Failat, WAIT, and ENDCLI resident if you use IconX a lot
assign wp: wb1.3:wp/
assign print: wb1.3:wp/print/
assign hole-in-one: wb1.3:games/hole-in-one/

makedir ram:t
assign T: ram:t ;set up T: directory for scripts
makedir ram:env ; set up ENV: directory
assign ENV: ram:env
makedir ram:clipboards ;set up CLIPS: assign
assign CLIPS: ram:clipboards
relabel drive RAM: name RAMDISK
copy to
mount speak: ;just mounting doesn't take much ram at all
mount aux:
mount pipe:
resident Mount remove ;if you have enough ram, keep these resident
resident Assign remove ;by removing these lines
resident Makedir remove
break 1 C ;signal to other process its ok to finish

Any help would be great!
Thank you!
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