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I want an A1000

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Originally Posted by cray
I remember playing "It came from the desert" the first time on my amiga...
This thing really scared me. Especially the music in this one, i never again played a game in which music created such a tense atmosphere. When you looked at the map-screen - there was always the feeling of "something lurking out there"...
And these occasional encounters with the giant ants (on the farm eg), the ultra-hard escape from the hospital (i always thought this one would cause my first heart-attack) and the general feeling that you alone knew of those monsters...

This one was the scariest Amiga game for me!
OMG I totally agree with this post from the past, hi cray ! Also Alien Breed 2. Another game that scared me quite a lot was one I was really expecting to be released. I got so disappointed when it came out it was scary. The game was Outrun. (the Amiga version...)
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