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Originally Posted by Matt D`Wrecker
Hi everyone! Matt D`Wrecker ere! Just finding my way round this place!

Hmm! Don`t know about being scared directly by a game. A genuinely scary thing to me is the realisation, when you have spent good money on a game, and valuable time playing it, to find out it is UTTER CRAP! The horrible realisation that you have wasted an hour or two of your life playing some third rate dross, when you could have been doing something watching paint dry or sticking my CD's in chronological order (no offence to anyone who genuinely digs that stuff)

Example: let's see...Total Carnage! Anyone played that? If you have... UNLUCKY! What's scary about it is that someone somewhere spent time making it What's worse is I spent time playing it :eek Anyone else out there suffered a similar experence?

total carnage was cool

Originally Posted by amigaade
I don't thing you really needed todays graphics capabilities to scare people, I remember laughing at mates playing 3D DEATHCHASE on the humble Spectrum. Watching them jerking from side to side to avoid the trees, as if they were real. Unknowingly doing the same myself!!!
Or, ducking down when they hit a 6 on a cricket game, when the ball came towards the screen. However playing DOOM on PSX with a very atmospheric soundtrack was a bit chilling and playing HALO when the 'invisible' covenant would appear in front of you caused quite a bit of 'clenching'.
your right me and my m8's used to swing side to side when we were playing afterburner on the spec it went warp speed 5

the ps1 had the best version of doom
it was pitch black and there were faint babys crying,u could hear the bast monsters but never see them the darkness made it scary,if u turn out the lights and play at night and crankup the volume it makes it awesome.
i was too scared to go into the dark areas

the scareist game ive ever played is the thing on the xbox
huge monsters just rip the doors of the hinges and charge towards u
theres no where to hide they hunt u down,theres blood everywhere its up the walls.
the end of game boss is biggest boss i ever seen in the past 30 years hes friggen HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!


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