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Originally Posted by andyr
The Arch was pretty comparable to the Amiga software wise - Chuck Rock, Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Zool, James Pond etc.. were all released for it.

The basic model ran at 8MHz using a RISC processor, had a WIMP interface (RISC OS which is still being updated!) and was capable of a maximum screen resolution of 1152x896 with up to 256 colours. 8 Channels of digital audio, protected memory (upto 4MB initially) and a proper IDE implementation.
The Archimedes was a very good machine indeed, last time I looked they fetched pretty much nil on eBay too

I don't think it was comparable to the Amiga software wise, it might have been for a short time but the Amiga had a much bigger software catalogue before and after that.
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