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We had a pretty decent IT dept which networked the whole school resulting in each classroom having at least 2 BBC model B's.

We had a business studies classroom full of Amstrad PCW's and the main I.T. studies room had 6 Acorn Archimedes computer's. I was always quite impressed with the Achimedes (more especially when using one after using a BBC!)

The Arch was pretty comparable to the Amiga software wise - Chuck Rock, Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Zool, James Pond etc.. were all released for it. (Some screenshots here.)

The basic model ran at 8MHz using a RISC processor, had a WIMP interface (RISC OS which is still being updated!) and was capable of a maximum screen resolution of 1152x896 with up to 256 colours. 8 Channels of digital audio, protected memory (upto 4MB initially) and a proper IDE implementation.

In theory this system could have whipped the Amiga's backside but dire marketing from the off, expensive hardware and the fact that both the system and Acorn themselves were always viewed as education tools only to be found in schools, meant that it didn't really stand a chance.

College had an Amiga 4000+genlock in the Media Studies dept but because I was doing HND Theatre Engineering (Sound+Lighting), we never got to play with it.

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