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Originally Posted by Figi
My girlfriend is not 6 any more, but she goes crazy whenever I play Superfrog ("cuuuuuute!"). Seems to me that girls need something where even the walls have big, round eyes...
my sister loved and completed superfrog and robocod
girls love platform games

but my sister also loved swat global strike force she hand cuffed a crim and slowly moved her machine down to his head she blew em away

Originally Posted by wanderer
Great game, but too hard to be girly...? I can't imagine such a patient girl, trying to achieve the perfect eye-to-hand coordination required. (for this game I mean )
my sister also beat the black car on ridge racer 1 on the ps1
it was way hard u had to do a perfect lap
she completed

deluxe galaga
fade to black
tomb raider
final fantasy VII

Originally Posted by Zetr0
Dudes seems your forgetting the Dizzy adventure series.. (personally i htink its good thing you have but my lil girl (10yrs) plays on an emulator on her pc and in the entertainment pc in the front room... she love sonic, brian the lion but most of all she LOVES DOOM!!!!!!!!!! a lil girl after my own heart... she even has it for her gameboy advance and snes... kinda cute...

the thing is.. it maybe pink... but with my lil girl... she needs to be either (a) blow it up.. (b)crash it into something or (c) nurture it back to health.... a muchoos duality of complex personality...

well thats 10year olds of today for ya....

lol she loves doom ?? its suprising how blood thirsty these girls are

when she grows she'll be roaming the streets armed with an m16 assault rifle blowing away guys fueled by PMT

WATCH YOUR BACKS MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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