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you have to find a spot close to the hull where he can't hit you, but you can hit him
This is what I also found out yesterday, but I wasn't able to kill him this way as it's quite hard to reach this position before he starts shooting.
if you have weapons powered up it shouldnt be a problem.
Looks like I always get the wrong stuff. All I got was this bouncer which I found rather useless, at least for the problems I was facing.
I finally managed to defeat the first boss by simply moving close to one of the points where his hull openes up and just shooting inside. I did not perform any evasive maneuvers as his shots cover the whole screen anyway. Instead I used the shield briefly when he fired in my direction. You can do this up to four times before your shield is gone.
Alas, I don't have enough time to make a few games in series, but I'll try again soon.
And after every game the status screen tells me how many shots and missiles I have fired. So what are these missiles? Do I have to collect and use them like the other extra weapons or do I already have them from the start and a special key has to be pressed to use them?
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