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1) Monkey Island 2, James Pond 2, Lemmings, Nuclear War, Cannon Fodder

2) LucasArts, Rainbow Arts, DMA, Sierra, Origin

3) On the Amiga (500) playing games always had a "social" component. Taking turns (one person playing, the other one swapping disks) and "chatting" while the games were loading... and lots of possibilities to play cooperative. On modern PCs it's usually the deathmatch style of games and you play over the internet or a LAN and not in front of ONE machine and ONE monitor, sitting on ONE couch.
These are more the consoles today, but they too now come with modem and everything.
I liked it better back when you really sat next to the person you were playing against/with.

4) ...

5) ...

6) No idea.

7) No idea.

8) The C64 of a school friend. *gg*

9) Great thing. I always have "my amiga" with me on my laptop.
There's nothing like sitting in your local Starbucks with a few friends, playing Glücksrad or HeroQuest.
This would be impossible without emulation.

10) A great thing, if it really IS abandoned.

11) It was, yes. The games were more my kind of thing. Actually I don't like huge games with "epic" stories. If I had to choose between...Morrowind and Tetris, I would pick Tetris. Because you can play it for half an hour an then turn it off, without the fear of forgetting what you were supposed to do, when you turn it on a week later again. These are the kind of games I like... the ones you play for a few minutes and then turn them off again. And these are very rare today (Worms 3D comes to mind, I like that game very much).

12) I don't really know anything about the scene. Well, I enjoy watching C64 demos, because I like SID-Tunes and they often are very impressive, but I don't have a real "opinion" about the scene, because I don't know enough about it, to have one.
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