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While digging around while researching some MIA amiga games I turned up this which might be interesting to some people:

it's a colleciton of "gifnews" a fanzine distributed on bbs in the early 90s, here's an index of the issues:

Issue # Date Description
------- ---- -----------
01 Nov/Dec 1988 Reviews of Leisure Suit Larry II, Fire Power,
GN88-11 and Sentinel Worlds, a short autobiography of
Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.

02 Feb/Mar 1989 Virus protection safeguards, review of Police
GN89-02 Quest II, "Are MS-DOS Games Getting Better"
editorial, game hints to Leisure Suit Larry 2.

03 May/June 1989 Industry news, Space Quest ]I[ review, 1st
GN89-05 annual Sight & Sound Awards, "Taito Games Are
Terrible" editorial.

04 July/Aug 1989 Nintendo Game Hints (Super Mario Bros 2, Rad
GN89-07 Racer, Karnov), Reviews of 4 different driving
simulation games (Vette, Test Drive 2, Lombard
Rally, F40 Pursuit Simulator), Review of the
game Caveman Ugh-Lympics, a short overview of
Lotus 123 Release 3.

05 Nov/Dec 1989 Review of Maxis' Sim City, the new Tears For
GN89-11 Fears CD "Seeds of Love", and a review of
Sierra's Manhunter II.

06 Jan/Feb 1990 A Look back at the eighties, review of Sierra's
GN90-01 the Colonel's Bequest, and a overview of music
cards (AdLib, GameBlaster, SoundBlaster, &
Roland), the best VGA games.

07 Mar/Apr 1990 "Do Sound Cards Really Sound that Good?"
GN90-03 editorial, a profile of the Channel 1(tm) BBS
in Cambridge, MA, review of Access' Crimewave
and Bitmap Bros' Xenon II, look at digitizing

08 May/June 1990 Detailed look at the VGA and VESA video
GN90-05 standard, the Ultima VI built-in cheat, the
World of Amiga show in New York City.

09 July/Aug 1990 Request for BBS distribution sites, Computer
GN90-07 Industry News, a look at the Sound Blaster card,
a review of Spectrum Holobytes' Faces game.

10 Sept/Oct 1990 Review of the games Atomix & Puzznik, a look at
GN90-09 Battlechess II and future game releases, v.42
& v.42bis - what their advantages are.

11 Nov/Dec 1990 Look at the TrakBlaster program, new Flight
GN90-11 Simulator scenery disks, Reviews of games
Spellcasting 101 and Jones in the Fast Lane,
the Amiga Video Toaster by NewTek, Being a
Game Designer for Electronic Arts.

12 Jan/Feb 1991 V.32bis standard, XGA, LaserDiscs, the
GN91-01 controversial Lotus-Equifax CD-ROM CD, "Boo to
Disney Software" editorial, FD-Format, review of
the game Hard Nova.

13 Mar/Apr 1991 Look at Workstations, BBS's pay business rates
GN91-03 on their phone lines, JMPlayer review, Amiga 24
bit graphics, the first VGA page ever.

14 May/June 1991 The Prodigy STAGE.DAT controversy, review of
GN91-05 TrakBlaster v2.0, MediaVision's Pro-Audio
Spectrum, Amiga News, Review of Lemmings.

15 July/Aug 1991 The PC Expo in NYC, look at Creative Labs'
GN91-07 Voice Edit program, hints to the adventure game
Time Quest, a review of the game Armor Alley,
Internet News, and the first-ever GIF News

16 Sept/Oct 1991 Sound Blaster Pro Vs. AdLib Gold, "High Prices
GN91-09 for Game Software" Editorial, Internet News,
Contest Winners Announced.

17 Nov/Dec 1991 Closer look at AdLib Gold, Windows 3.1 news,
GN91-11 Wing Commander II Built-in cheat, Police
Quest III, WordTris, Internet sites, new
releases for various computers.

18 Jan/Feb 1992 AdLib Gold Delayed, Brief Windows 3.0 program
GN92-01 review, Oh No More Lemmings!, 1992 planned
releases, best graphical adventure game company,
first SVGA page, Internet Archie Server.
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