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Originally Posted by wanderer
I've noticed that a lot of Amiga games have better music than the arcade version. The tune is the same but on the Amiga it is 'done' better. Is it the superiority of Paula? Maybe the arcade programmers didn't put all that much into music, since in the arcades it is hardly ever noticed, or even turned off/extremely low volume. Examples that spring to mind: Rodland, Toki perhaps, Dragon Breed, Rainbow Islands, yeah Bubble Bobble too and probably lots more. Anyone agrees on this?
I totally disagree about Rod-Land having inferior music to Amiga.
Rod-Land runs on Jalecos "Mega-system 1" and it has 8 channels of PCM and 8 channels FM synth in stereo... it sounds far superior to the Amiga, try it in Mame and hear for yourself

Also the arcadeversion of Rod-Land is twice as long as the Amiga version, it has an "part 2" that you can access after completing the first.
Only the first part seems to be in the Amiga and Atari ST versions and i guess it's the same for C-64 version also.
Part 2 has new graphics and music.
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