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I want an A1000

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Originally Posted by Maverick
So is this game really that hard or am I missing something? What about the extra weapons? When I get one and press the space bar, I can see it there, but I can't select it. What do I need for being able to use it?
Hmm, I've played the CD32 version and remember that frenetic thrusting won't help at all. Just be calm, cool, silent and as still as possible.Yeah it's a shmup, but slow, delicate movements will get you through in this one. (not in the tunnel sections though ). Can't help you with the extra weapons, try remapping the keyboard controls.
Originally Posted by Maverick
Please tell me that I'm not just getting old.
Nah, I've figured that (retro)gaming is like cycling and love-making. You never completely "forget", even if aeons had passed. It'll get back if you persist. Guaranteed.
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