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1) 1: ICO (PS2), 2: Choas Engine (Amiga), 3: Final Fantasy VII (PSX), 4: Flashback (Amiga), 5: Cadaver (Amiga).

2) The Bitmap Brothers, Konami, Square, Nintendo, SNK

3) Amiga was much more portable

4) "Do me a favour, plug me into a Sega"

5) Dan Malone (Bitmap Brothers artist), Richard Joseph (Bitmap Brothers musician & others), Chris Huelsbeck, Jay Miner and Eric Chahi.

6) Not a clue but I can account for 1 A500 and 1 CD32

7) Not a clue.

8) First home computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum which lasted about a week before being returned to the shop and swapped for a C64. A choice Ive never regretted.

9) Emulation is superb and I love being able to play all the sytems I ever owned. It will never be as good as the original though

10) In certain cases I think its fine.

11) It was certainly more fun but Im not sure about "funnier".

12) I was never that into demos apart from the really impressive ones. I think the guys that produce them have a lot of talent but most are boring.
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