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loading Action Replay MK I freezed files with MK II ?

Ok, I have the problem that I have quite a few games where I freezed a game in progress to continue it later ( e.g. because I got stuck or it would take me days to leave the Amiga on, ... ) I freezed those with an MKI Action replay.

Now, I have an MK II which is better and more compatible I think, but I want to read my old freezed Games from the MK II.
But unfortunately the MK I saved in it's own disk format, while the MK II uses standard Amiga Dos.
There was a tool which let you read MK I format, so I could copy the MK I freezes to Amiga Dos.

But my question:
Will the MK I freezes run when loaded from the MK II after converting them to Amigados format ?

Thanks a lot ! Would save me some time if I knew before I try it
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