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AB3D was my first introduction to FPS games - and as such I think it's a superb game.

Graphically it's not much to look at while sonically its not bad but level layout, playability and atmosphere are second to none - especially the level with the massive robot!

I've finally got around to playing AB3D2 under emulation. Even my A1200 030 @28MHz with 18 meg of memory had trouble running this game at an acceptable speed when it was first released but use WinUAE on a 3GHz machine and it flies! It has some AI flaws but while playable, doesn't even come close to matching the playability of the first 3D version.

Then again, I'm totally bored with the FPS genre now though. I think it's almost reached saturation point and it seems almost every other game released these days is an FPS of some kind. There was a time where I would have been salivating at the thought of something like Quake 4 - but not now. Even Half Life 2 was boring to me - the same old thing with slightly better graphics - it's currently gathering dust on some shelf somewhere around here.

It doesn't help that I'm not into online gaming I suppose. Why do developers seem to think that online gaming is the be all and end all of gaming now? Multiplayer to me means having a couple of mates round and having a laugh playing games and not the totally disconnected idea of playing against someone you don't know who's halfway across the globe. Where's the atmosphere in that?
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