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1) Elite (BBC Model B), Hunter (Amiga), Speedball 2 (Amiga), Flashback (Amiga), Populous (Amiga), Dune 2 (Amiga). I know thats 6 games but I couldn't choose between Populous and Dune 2.
2) Bitmap Brothers, Team 17, Delphi Studios, Bullfrog, Magnetic Fields
3) Can't think of anything.
4) Famous quotes........ eh?
5) Peter Molyneux, David Braben, and Archer McLean for Jimmy Whites.
6) Not got the foggiest.
7) Same as 6)
8) BBC Model B
9) Good, as I gave my Amiga away many years ago.
10) Pure nostalgia, mostly best seen through rose tinted glasses.
11) Well there certainly weren't any arrogant teenagers saying "Stfu n00b U suk" etc.
12) I haven't seen any demo's since I had my Amiga but some were very good but a lot were just a load of floaty text wriggling across the screen to jingly synth music and once you'd seen one lot of wriggly text, you'd pretty much seen them all.
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