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I want an A1000

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1) Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, Turrican, Another World, Kick Off 2, Superfrog.
2) Cinemaware, Rainbow Arts, Graftgold, Thalion, Team 17
3) All things. The PC is not an Amiga. The 'say' utility. Screen dragging. Speed. Guru meditation. Turn off, not the 'shut down' crap. "Amiga" carved on the case. Games. Real ones. And lots more.
4) Sir Clive is back..??
5) Chris Huelsbeck, Geoff Crammond, Manfred Trenz, Dino Dini, and yes, the dude who invented the Amiga.
6) Couldn't find any data.
7) That hurts...
8) Commodore 16 (never actually worked, first working: Commodore 64)
9) Great
10) A piece of history
11) Hmmm, it was less complicated and opportunistic, more authentic, therefore funnier too...
12) Great

Let us know when the article comes out Sebastian.
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