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So does WinUAE have networking capabilities in that it'll make use of any NIC set up for Windows? If so I can test if it is the router to blame for this directly, which I really think it is.
No, it does not have access to the NIC. It only has a TCP/IP wrapper, which makes Amiga programs able to access the Windows' IP stack. You cannot prove anything Amiga-related with this solution. If Windows manages to go online, WinUAE is online either and if Windows fails, UAE is offline, too.

Is it safe to power an Amiga from it's floppy power connector btw?)
Don't know. But I wouldn't dare it. IMHO you should always go into the main power connector and *additionally* to the floppy port.

What daemon/client software for both PC and Amiga do you recommend?
Don't know. I never needed one. My router always responded at the first try. The TCP: method works, though. Although I think on WinUAE you first have to install a TCP-Handler for it to work. You can use the one coming with Genesis or AmiTCP.

DHCP disabled? I've tried both ways on the Amiga, but the PC in the other room has DHCP activated.
If a PC can connect with exactly the same settings as the Amiga then I don't see any reason why the Amiga should not be able to connect with the very same settings. AFAIK the IP protocol does not allow to guess the operating system at this low level.

Oh, I could also buy a PCI PCMCIA card for my PC
That would be overkill. If you can connect to another PC through the cross-over cable, then the NIC is ok. And if it doesn't work it is almost sure that the NIC is not compatible.
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