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I'll give that a shot, I have a crossover cable somewhere.

So does WinUAE have networking capabilities in that it'll make use of any NIC set up for Windows? If so I can test if it is the router to blame for this directly, which I really think it is.

I've just ordered a cheap PC from ebay which I can use to test the Amiga with also, and I'm currently thinking about making it into a pseudo siemese system with my Amiga, I'd have the benefit of a networks harddrive and CDROM, but it'll bugger up my completely noise free plan (at least for the moment until I can find a cheapo noiseless <200w PSU and a decent amount of memory so I can use the space IDE-CF adaptor and disable the swapfile. Is it safe to power an Amiga from it's floppy power connector btw?)

What daemon/client software for both PC and Amiga do you recommend?

DHCP disabled? I've tried both ways on the Amiga, but the PC in the other room has DHCP activated.

Oh, I could also buy a PCI PCMCIA card for my PC, but it's a bit of a needless expense considering I'm only using it to test the NIC.

Cheers again
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