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Well, at this state I'd first check if the network card really works. Therfore I would connect a device which I know to be working to it and use a configuration I know to be working. For example I'd get a cross-over cable and connect a Windows PC directly to the Amiga. Then I'd configure both computers like this: PC: DHCP disabled, IP =, mask =, gateway = and Amiga: IP =, mask =, gateway = Then ping from PC to Amiga and vice versa and perhaps use some TCP/IP softwares I know to be working (you need a daemon on on one computer and a client on the other). If you run WinUAE or have two Amigas it would be quite easy to type copy tcp:999 to ram:xxx on one Amiga and copy s:startup-sequence to tcp: on the other Amiga just to check if data can be copied.

After the network card has passed this check, I would then try some configurations with the router. E.g. I would configure a PC exactly like the Amiga would be configured (e.g. DHCP disabled, static IP address, mask and gatway).

To get a clean Miami config, delete the miami.defaults file and recreate the config from scratch. See my step-by-step instructions above. Settings not mentioned there are not changed.
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