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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver
Nope matey CAPS/SPS is not running out of games, i have uploaded many games in my directory on your server, and they still await to be checked !!!

So, what to do ?
Yes, we are running out of games.

Sure we have games to process, but you misunderstand what I meant.

1) I said "we are running out of games". Think of the bigger picture. Sure, you may have submitted games (which is great!). But there are *far* less *good* (not broken, modified, duplicate) Amiga games being submitted now than in any time in CAPS history. In fact, far less. This is though CAPS/SPS is now bigger (as in more well known) than is ever was. The reason? It must be that we are simply running out of Amiga games to do that still exist. There will hopefully always be an inflow of new Amiga games to do, but why not try to do something good from other systems too?

2) When we *started* working on SPS (the generic hardware MFM stuff) there were no dumps left to process. Dumps being submitted after this have been been a bit side-lined, true. It has been very difficult to do both things at once - though we still have, as the releases post the MFM-stuff WIP show.

3) As far as the Amiga is concerned, we needed to do it for dual/tri-format games and Amiga games using "generic hardware MFM" disk format anyway. It is the same amount of (technical) work.
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