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Heys Gavilan,

Good luck with your article, heres some infor for you.

1: Gauntlet(a500), Wizball(c64), UFO-Enemy Unknown(A1200),
Enigma Force(c64), Paradroid(c64).

2: Psygnosis, OCEAN, Code Masters, Team 17, DMA


4: "All your base belongs to us" Captain Blood, "Eurgonomic Design" Megalomainia
"Meeeaannnn Arrreeeennaaass" Mean Arenas, sooo many more

5: A.Braben (elite), Rob Hubbard (64 Tune Guru), Raphel Guasta (Flashback music),
Einstein (energy equating mass squared is important!) and that dood whom
invented the Amiga

6: ermm i can say after 1995 it didn`t do so well lol.

7: Active Amigans.... (not including Evil Ebay Mongers) would say a few hundred k

8: easy (built it myself at the age of 9 1/2 years old) ZX80.

9: As i am lucky to own original equipment EMU is just a tool to setup or test and I
have to admit it kinda got me back into the amiga bug thing as I joined this
Forum a couple of months ago I had shelved my amigas for last 3 years. one is
out of the shed being *worked* on. re-housing in DVD chasis with DVD rom and
4GIG drive with 030 upgrade will post picys when finnished

10: Its a blessing and a painfull reminder of entrothapy, to see so many good names
and games reduced to obscurity, its like seeing your closest friends made homeless
. The blessing in that the software is cost-less but i would prefer to see what
games my favourite software houses would of made today.

11: It most certainly was not as PC (no pun) as games are today. for instance game
titles like "IRAQ-Nophobia". Games have also in many ways become unisex and to
a degree (agree with gimbal) their lame, but on the other had in some ways
games have grown up some what. (no more bedroom coders *sob)

12: It was all that and a bag of chips! (tunes that is!). it was a way of linking
teenage kids with the underground. with cracking, hacking and demo crews,
tunes messages and greets. I learnt more German and French from the Demo
Scene than i did at school lol, however REAL demos pushed the hardware and
or math-graphical expression to its limmits and beyond. so miss them days...

Well there you go Gavilan, I hope it is of some use for you.
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