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1) (assuming Amiga games) Turrican 2, Dune 2, Dungeon Master, Valhalla 2, Supercars 2

2) Core design, Gremlin Graphics, Bullfrog, Rainbow Arts, Ocean

3) nothing, since Amiga's can be emulated on a PC.

4) would have to dig up my Amiga Action collection to quote a few remarks made by the Boggit about Atari ST users

5) Chris Huelsbeck, Manfred Trenz, Jeroen Tel, Peter Molyneux, no others spring to mind.

6) I have no idea about actual numbers in Holland.

7) The only thing I do know is that they are still being offered online in respectable numbers, so a lot of people still have one.

8) Atari 2600 I guess, if you want to count consoles. Otherwise it was the Amiga 500.

9) Wouldn't want to live without it. Through emulation the Amiga can stay alive forever, even if all the hardware dies eventually.

10) The games that are now abandonware are the games I used to play as a kid, and in my opinion those games were far better than the ones released today. So I am glad that abandonware exists, it allows me to play the games legally without having to scour the earth for a copy that still works.

11) Yes, it was more fun. It was from before the age of Electronic Arts! Nowadays they make games to render as much cash as possible, which means making them so even someone with poo for a brain can play them and win (linear storyline, only a single path to follow with arrows to guide your way, click the button puzzels, or simply shoot everything that moves gameplay). Not only that, but they release sequel after sequel because there is no imagination left at all... (it's not all bad of course, there are a few exceptions).

12) Couldn't say much about it, except that I really respect the people who make them. It's truly something that requires a lot of skill and effort, not forgetting that these people will most likely have to make them in what spare time they have.
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