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1) Civilization, Turrican 2, Giana Sisters, Last Ninja 2, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2

2) Rainbow Arts, System 3, Electronic Arts in the late 80's/early 90's (before becoming a PITA to the market), Factor 5, Thalion

3) Use a computer without any background noise at all (no fans, no harddrive); Play a quick game; Carry the whole equipment around in a small backpack (everyone has a TV set ; and last not least: build a kind of relationship to the computer (it's not just a "well, in 6 months your gfx card will be replaced, anyway"-exchangeable tool, but an *Amiga* :-)

4) Can't think of any

5) Manfred Trenz, Andreas Escher, Chris Hülsbeck, Steve Jobs, Michael Pauly (being the first editor of the famous magazine "Happy Computer")

6) uh... dunno. All models combined must have broken the 1-million-barrier in Germany easily for sure

7) A few hundred, if "active" means "using the real miggy regularly over a long period of time"

8) Sharp MZ-821

9) Great thing!

10) The only way of getting the old games, since there's not enough originals sold on ebay. Plus, since the software companies don't sell that stuff any more, there's no harm done (financial) to anyone.

11) Different, yes. Funnier, no.

12) Keep up the good work, dudes!

Hope that helps.
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