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Calling all long time Amiga users!!!

Hi!! Im asking for contributions!!!
Im doing a feature for the mag i work, about RETROCOMPUTING.
Thing is, im researching as much as i can about most popular 8/16 bit systems, and im trying to get as much data as i can, so if you have 10 minutes free, and would love to answer this questions (it doesnt have to be posted here, if you prefer, you can send me PM) to help me trough, i will be more than happy and you will make my day...(and of course you will be credited in the article!!!
Please people, i need feedback from as many users as possible!! And, if you also owned another 8 or 16 bit computer (NOT console, just home computer) in the past, and also would like to contribute, well, drop me a line!!!!

So here are the questions!!!!
1) Name 5 all time favorite games (can be Amiga specifically or multiformat.
2) Name 5 all time favorite companies (companies which produced games, of course, but also companies that produced hard, and i dont mean Commodore itself, but third parties).
3) Things you CAN do with Amiga that CANT with most modern PC´s (of course you can also explain why you prefer to surf internet using amiga browsers rather than pc´s ones)
4) Famous QUOTES about 8 and 16 bit machines.
5) 5 all time favorite people (for example Jay Miner, or some programmer like Archer McLean , Geoff Crammond, David Braben, ... Things like that)
6) Amiga estimated sales figures. I already have an idea about how many Amigas were sold in UK, Germany & USA. Would love to have feedback from italian users, spanish users, french users, polish users, czech users, aussie users, turkish users, greek users, belgium users ,new zealand users, dutch users, danish users, swedish users, norwegian get my idea.
7) Same as 6) but guessing how many ACTIVE Amiga users are left.

8) If the Amiga wasnt your first home computer, name which one it was.
9) Quick opinion about EMULATION of Amiga on other systems
10) Quick opinion about ABANDONWARE
11) Quick opinion about if computing in the 8/16 era was funnier than now
12) Quick opinion about the demo scene

Well, i think that would be all for now...hope to have loads of info from you!!!

Kind Regards!

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