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DiskImage is probably the better choice because it is still being worked at. However, I was quite happy with xfs when I used it.

Installation is easy: copy file.device to Devs, xfsd to L and FILE0 to Devs/DosDrivers or Storage/DosDrivers (in the latter case you have to mount it manually when you need it). And you need reqtools.library, so install ReqTools if you don't yet have it.

Usage is easy, too. Whenever you press the hotkey (IIRC it was Shift+Alt+Numpad-0) you get a file requester where you can choose an image file. Leave the file name empty to eject the currently mounted disk. If you choose a non-existant file name, a new image is created. You are asked which size it should be.

XFS has the advantage that you can mount not only ADFs or HDFs formatted with the Amiga file system but you can also mount images of PC floppies (e.g. 720K or 1.44M in size). If you don't use file.device but mfm.device, it is a good replacement for CrossDOS supporting long file names. (This was the initial purpose for XFS. File.device is just an add-on.)

If you create other mountlists like FILE0 (e.g. FILE1, FILE2 etc.) you can have multiple drives. The hotkey then is Shift+Alt+1, Shift+Alt+2 etc (all numbers on the keypad). To create FILE1, load FILE0 into an editor, change UNIT=0 to UNIT=1 and save it as FILE1.
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