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It's quite a terrible modem/router I have. It's the BT Voyager 205 and there many threads about with people having problems with it when it comes to anything other than IBM style PCs lol

There's an IP filter on my modem, which just has basic settings - off, med, and high. It's currently on high, but, I've set my Amiga's IP address to that of the computer in the other room (not currently plugged in), so I can't see why it would be blocking there.
The IP pool is to under DHCP.

The MAC address is 08:92:A9:81, and it's using a standard patch cable. There's no LED on the card so I can't see if it's activated that way, but it must be connected because the ethernet light activates on the modem when I select "online" in Miami. The light flickers now and again which usually means some sort of communication between devices.

The modem has a rudimentary firewall built in. I can't imagine this causing any problems, again considering I'm using another machine's working IP, but I might disable it anyway.

There's an option in the Voyager 205's IP routing config for DNS servers. There's no entries in it though. I'm presuming because my PC is working with the net this isn't important though.

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