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I'm having problems too. I'm using a 3Com card, all it's drivers are set up properly and the ethernet light on the DSL/router is active so it must be connected. Cardpatch and cardreset are in the startup-sequence.
I've assigned the Amiga's IP as and assigned NAT virtual server/DMZ to the same IP with 60 as the rule
Net mask is,
Gateway is - router's ethernet port IP

Apparently the DNS servers for this are (and - USB IP address for PC) but I get the error message "Your IP address cannot be resolved so Miami has to fall back to you IP address as your host name..."
And when I try to load google up in IBrowse I get "Host lookup failed, no DNS entry found" or "Network is unreachable".

The diagnostic light on the router/DSL turns on now and again when I set Miami to online, but when I turn the modem off and on it goes back to normal - with the ethernet light blinking as though data is being transmitted from modem to amiga.
I can't even access the modem's configuration page on through the Amiga.

Edit: I've tried BTinternet's DNS servers:
but they don't seem to workth. I need the BTYahoo ones but I can't find the buggers

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