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Freax Vol. 1 has been released

IVW started a thread about the book "Freax Volume 1 - the history about the demoscene" two years ago, so it's time bring this excellent piece of reading stuff back into some minds.

Freax Vol. 1 contains the complete history about the C64 and Amiga demoscene. I just got my copy a couple of days ago and I'm really excited about it. It's professionally made with a hard cover and it's huge in size - DIN A4! On 224 pages you can find out everything about the history of Commodore, the C64 and Amiga computer models, how the demoscene was born out of the cracker groups, which groups created which effects and so on. It's really exciting to read interview with legendary crackers and how they found their way into a cracking group, how they started to crack games etc. Also the best Amiga demos from 1988 up to now are reviewed in there.

Tomcat/Madwizards did an excellent job with compiling that book, it brings back some fond memories to me and is sometimes more thrilling to read than a novel by Stephen King ;-) .

Find out more about the book at The website contains some reading samples as well.
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