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I have never played a megadrive in my life so don't know the specs sorry.

What I do know is if you had a decent team of programmers (not Tiertex!) doing the conversion, it would have been a lot better. Those monkeys didn't even use the copper for graduated backgrounds - instead they had lots of nasty tiles with awful dithering for slight colour changes. No doubt due to it being a dual ST and Amiga release and thus taking the Amiga version "down" to the ST's level. Also notice how tiny the gameplay area is - a huge panel down the bottom takes up a third of the screen and the game area above it has big black strips where more tiles should have been! Awful conversion (and yet it got 96% and a Zzap gold medal for the Amiga version! Incredible!)

Also regarding Toki, the Amiga Power review is a joke in my opinion. It says the arcade doesn't even have the parallax layer the Amiga version has - that is complete nonsense. I just checked in MAME and it has a parallax layer all through it. I also disagree with AP saying how fair the game is and the collision detection is far too tough imho. I'd mark it in the low 70's not 87%...
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