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Originally Posted by gimbal
Tried some arcade versions of Amiga games I owned (through MAME).

Wonderboy In Monsterland - Amiga version is way better, but the arcade version has more variation in the monsters, and the bosses have a more difficult pattern. I got my ass kicked by the jumping one on the third level, which I beat with one hand behind my back on the Amiga.

Mortal Kombat 1 & 2- arcade version has okay graphics and sound, but the computer is very fast. I didn't see a way to set the difficulty either. PC version of MK1 and snes version of MK2 still rule IMO.
I think the Master System version of Wonderboy in Monster was the best version. It has a larger play area and the screen only follows the character on the horizontal axis, not on the vertical too like the other versions of Monster Land/Bikkuriman World. The Amiga version also had keep the floppy spinning which was a bit annoying.

I've never likes fighting games on the Amiga, too many disk changes and crap controls. The SNES version was a good conversion, but the 32X version was supposed to be even better. I think it's a crap games altogether, really.
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