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Okay, got some games now. I'm not sure if I want any "joypad" or "joystick" games. Feel free to tell me otherwise if it's worth it, or if it just feels like playing on a mobile. I have a whole physical keyboard on my iPAQ (hw6515). I got myself a 512mb memory card too, had to have at least that if I want to have some games and a few MP3s. Not too many though, I won't use it to listen to music to anyway. I still got a discman and md discman for that.

I found that I could use both SD cards and mini-SD cards. mini-SD cards were rather expensive though, so I figure I should get myself a 1gb SD-card before I start thinking about a mini-SD. Are there any huge differences between these two cards, except from the physical size? 'Cause I'm not really sure I see the point of making the cards smaller than the standard size SD cards. It's not like it takes up so much space.

Oh, another thing. I couldn't see it in the manual, but should I turn off my iPAQ before I put in or remove an SD card, or can I just switch whenever I need to, while it's on? Not while it's writing or reading from the card of course...
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