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Ya' like it Retr0?
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lol ahhh Q on the miggy, gonna side with Keropi on this one, unless you have out spent your amiga under the hood, Q is somewhat un-playable.. a friend and and I used to eek every last frame out of Q and i think i managed a sustained 14.5fps for level map 1 lol (major modification of the source )

the rig modified and zorroed up A12 with a 060 @ 66mhz (over clocked from 50) and 72MB Ram combined with a CV64-3D gfx ahhh and setting it up to play my m8 lidlessEye in france.... both on miggies both on dial up... both suffering major lag... it didn't matter we had Q LOL

We had much more fun with Doom and Heretic.. i tried to get an open source hexen compiled but it had Open GL library issues that i never got round to sorting out... sigh i wonder if that got picked up commercially....

hoe hum...

Q had the atmosphere D had the playability (& Co-Op mode!!!!! )

l8rs Z.
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