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Originally Posted by spiff
Rainbow islands a better game on amiga?? noway! Amiga is a good graphical conversion, but it runs on half the framerate, same thing for GnG, golden axe, R-type and so on for just about any arcade conversion.
Big deal. The Amiga version of Rainbow Islands plays better than the arcade, end of story.

I suppose you also think Speedball 2 is shit because it's only displaying 25 frames per second? F/A-18 Interceptor runs at about 5 frames per second - that must be utter crap too then according to you?

But most of it is just down to the fact that amiga just can't scroll for sh*t.*
The original Atari ST can't scroll for shit - the Amiga can. It has built in support for horizontal hardware scrolling and vertical scrolling is done in various ways by coders. It is pretty easy to make a smooth scrolling game on the Amiga.

Probably thats why pang and rodland works so great.
Rodland "works great" because it is a simple 16 colour game and the screen is only 256 x 256 pixels (from memory). The score panel on the right are simply sprites overlaid. Keeping a small static screen with only 16 colours running at 50Hz is easy.

Pang "works great" because Pierre Adane and the graphics artist did a brilliant job - simple. You wouldn't appreciate the hardware tricks used to display the game (palette changes down the screen to create 3 settings for each picture, keeping the background graphics in the first 4 bitplanes and all moving objects use all 5 bitplanes).

And that’s not even touching the omfgcrap Ocean conversions that didn’t even look like the arcade, much less played anywhere like it.
Such as? Don't forget Ocean have done many fine arcade conversions aswell - Midnight Resistance, New Zealand Story, Operation Thunderbolt, Pang, Puzznic...

Some argue that Silkworm runs better on amiga then arcade, not shure myself
If you've never played them to compare, why even mention it?

*ok superfrog does somehow scroll 64 colours smooth in eight directions! To bad that engine wasn't used for any arcade conversions.
This shows your blissful ignorance. Superfrog does not scroll 64 colours at all. The game uses 5 bitplanes for the main action so 32 colours. It can run at 50Hz because the main character is multiple sprites which costs nothing in terms of CPU to display. There are no parallax layers or enormous enemies - it's just an exceptionally well written scrolling game.
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