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Toki isn't pixle perfect. The arcade has better (double the) framerate, more playfield visible, the main sprite is a bit off and missing a couple of enemies as well.
How ever for a conversion of a relative “new” arcade game its one of the best. Gameplay pretty much 100% intact. Rainbow islands and marble madness are both of older hardware.

Rainbow islands a better game on amiga?? noway! Amiga is a good graphical conversion, but it runs on half the framerate, same thing for GnG, golden axe, R-type and so on for just about any arcade conversion.

Some of the problems can be blamed on the fact that most arcades ran at 60hz, 50hz PAL will never be the same. But most of it is just down to the fact that amiga just can't scroll for sh*t.* Probably thats why pang and rodland works so great.

And that’s not even touching the omfgcrap Ocean conversions that didn’t even look like the arcade, much less played anywhere like it.

Strider on the megadrive/genesis. Now that’s what I call a conversion!

Some argue that Silkworm runs better on amiga then arcade, not shure myself

*ok superfrog does somehow scroll 64 colours smooth in eight directions! To bad that engine wasn't used for any arcade conversions.

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