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Thoughts on the markets:

hmmm, well an inflated price, at the end of the day my friend, is an inflated pice... sure i am imagining *some traders* but remember as a trader they would buy them at *normal* prices only to turn round and charge scandalious prices... so a big F in the A to them... *please see* and stop taking the price piss please traders!!!!!

*thinking of making a parser board so one can use a PC floppy as an amiga floppy simular to and a 10th the cost of Catweasle (wich if i remember use to only cost £30)

Thoughts of Moral Obligations:

moral obligations...yes we have them .... well remember what ever you sell is only worth what some one else is willing to pay for it... hence

say my A1260 card had a serial number of 001 somewhere or rather... its still an 060..
brand new at the time was £315 todays market would deam it arround 200 with 64MB ram.... most wouldnt care the 001 serial .. but one person out there might.... and offer a -you cannot refuse- stupidly high sum, this inturn = subtle price inflace across the board.

so buy at the price you want and sell at a price that is fair... one can ask no more of you than that, what every they do is upto them to sleep at night... share ones fortune (be that knowledge of good prices) within the community both here and where you are.

You know I would find the most needest of places (friends/family) that needed an Amiga upgrade before i sold on Amiga hardware (think i have sold on twice)

Thuoghts on the PPC

hmmm PPC amiga... yeah nice thought... i just dont think for me it is truly needed for the amiga experience since i have serveral FAST PC's for the native software to run on... hence why an 060@66mhz is Awsome... (except the 100mhz) the 060 is a pincicle of motorolas 68k achievement and warms me just thinking aobut it... the 68k series process is the only one worthy of a hug.. PC chips... cheap nasty brute force with only a modicume of finess that is some what limmited for thier age!!!! BLAME IBM!!!!!!!!!! they had the choice for the first PC CPU's 68000 or 086 ..... and yep they went for the cheapest one!!!!!! (not that much cheaper btw!!!!)

ahhh all history now....

anyway sorry about that..

l8rs Z.
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