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Frisbee Fox (Sport - 1995 - Amiga)

I was not sure to post this one or not...
In 1995, when i was 16 years old, i developed a game called Frisbee Fox for Amiga ECS. It was the 2nd one i developed: the first one was an adventure (Fox Hotel) like as Cruise for a Corpse.

This game is a remake (again?!) of Wind Jammers (NeoGeo - Data Est). Basically you have to throw a puck and try to score.Now after 10 years i would like to share with you some informations about this game. Soon i'll provide the ADFs if someone is interested.

I think the game was nice nothing more, nothing less.
You can chose 6 different players (also "mirrored") from all over the world and each one is a sport man. The following sports are included: tennis,soccer,hockey,wrestling (a clone of Hulk Hogan),boxe..and frisbee.

The game is more tactical than Wind Jammers and each player has some strong and weak points. For example the tennis player can't catch the ball but he has a powerfull shot....
The scenarios are really various, in the Hockey Arena players have some kind of inerzia, in the Soccer Stadium you have a wall in the middle of the pitch...

The game is really enjoyable but ONLY with 2 players. Against the CPU is not so much fun IMO.
Each player have "special shots" available in few situations-
Honestly the GFX suck but you know, i always focus on gameplay ;-)
The game was designed to be installed on hard-disk. There exist a 2 floppy version but the loading time is really boring. This is due to an huge compression. In fact Frisbee Fox uses large sound files (like the original Hulk Hogan intro music!!!)

the game was never released on the market, but Amiga was plenty of shit games...this one is better than many poor Amiga games IMO.

Here is a gameplay video
[ Show youtube player ]

Frisbee Fox - HD version
If you don't want to get bored use this version!
Unzip the files to a PC directory.
Then mount an HD partition with WINUAE pointing that location.

Hoping this works....if not try the normal ADFs
Frisbee Fox - Floppy version

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