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Hi folks,

a little bit off topic, but some of you might wonder what this lazy bitch Bobic was working on, since the last update on was done ages ago.

Well, those who know me realise that I was still around in the emulation scene and far away from being lazy, following everything carefully . Amongst some smaller projects I started to work on something bigger in March 2005. The result is online now since a week - is a project dedicated to the demoscene, my second passion among the Amiga. It was built to show the beautiful world of the demoscene to new audiences and to offer scene people something interesting as well. As a portal site of the german gaming network is able to bring the latest news from the scene to people who're normally interested mainly in games. To keep their attention we're frequently putting interviews with famous sceners online who're working in the games industry today on games such as Black & White 2, Fable, Battlefield 2 and way more. So far articles are posted in german language only, but it's planned to put the original interviews in English online, too. is bringing you the best demos and scene pictures for download, together with a comprehensive video demo archiv which also include video-streams of famous Amiga demos, so that you can watch those demos on any computer platform you want.

A lot of work has been put into it, so I hope you'll have a closer look soon and enjoy your visit.

Thanks for your attention.
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