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Big grin CPC Thread !!!

Ok, here it is, as Akira wished First I had a bad fight in searching for my box with my CPC Originals but finally I found them I couldnŽt resist to make a scan of the Salamander Cover Art, have fun ...... oh btw. I have 2 CPC 464 : first one is a CPC464 with 128KB RAM, Trackball, Color Monitor, 1 x 3" FDD DDI-1, 1 x 5 1/4" FDD No-Name .... second is a CPC464 with 512KB Vortex RAM, Color Monitor, 1 x 3" FDD DDI-1, 1 x Vortex 5 1/4" FDD oh and I got a original black colored Amstrad Printer, but I never used it maybe IŽll try tomorrow

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