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Have been sorting stuff out like crazy and will be taking the following consoles along to sell....

1 x Amiga A1200 with 2.5gig hard drive
4 x Boxed Super Nintendo's (all different packs)
4 x Boxed Mega Drives
2 x Megadrive + Megacd sets
2 x Philips CDI
2 x Boxed Sega Saturn's
1 x Atari 800XL
1 x Sega Multi Mega
1 x Sony Playstation
1 x Boxed N64
4 x Gamegears (3 fully working with Sound, 1 with no sound)
1 x Boxed Original Gameboy
2 x Boxed Dreamcast
1 x Boxed ZX Spectrum +2
1 x Unboxed ZX Spectrum +3
1 x Unboxed c64 (rev c)
1 x Gamecube (Metroid Pack)

Other 'interesting stuff'

Pac-man board Game
Zaxxon Board Game

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