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There is a C128 web server as well

You can tell this is a C64 because of the speed

Anyway, not enough attention I gave to this thread, a real shame because the C= is my most loved 8 bitter, so let's get this moving.

I got my C128 in 1989. I was, as always, a late owner I tend to buy machines when they are starting to go downhill! :P Anyway, it was my first computer. Before I had this lil beast, I fiddled around with my cousin's 128D since 1983 or something like that (whenever teh 128D was released in Germany, that's the date)

My machine was brought from Germany (most of my family used to live in Germany). I was very eager to use that little bugge, but when it arrived... it failed It came failed from factory So until I got it to work at least a year passed. I was so dillussioned.

Nevertheless, once it worked, I Was in C= heaven. The next year or so my family brought me a 1084S, so I was even more happy. Everytime they came they used to bring briliant german diskmags with great games (64'er Sonderheft, GameOn!, Golden Disk), and great mags (64'er and teh like. Retroman will know about all this ). This was much fun.

Teh fun lasted until 1996, when my 128 broke And not until this year I got a 128 again! only taht now I have an NTSC machine which doesnt run most of my german software, and teh SID sounds just wrong with its faster speed So Im on teh lookout for a PAL unit of any kind

Ok, that was, in a very brief way, my C= story. I am about to receive a game for the 128 (yes, in 128 mode. It's Kikstart), cant wait to see that one. And a shipment of 26 +4 games is arriving as well. Soccer Kid just got home. So did Gradius 2 for the MSX... Man, I spend all my cash on this stuff, but I love it
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