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My school started out with a few MSX/MSX2 machines which were only used for entertainment (afaik I have the King's Valley record), but later upgraded to 286 machines and I even saw a 386 machine before I left that school, which were still basically used for entertainment Played a lot of Battle Chess, Ski Or Die and Winter games on it, but when I got home I could only laugh when I booted up my Amiga and listened to the wonderful music and sound it could produce.

The next school I went to had 386 and 486 machines, and they had a lot of them. My english teacher also gave computer classes and to this day he must hate my guts (I still hate his), because I knew way more about computers than he did and I could type three times faster than him, which really made his blood boil I knew he was glad to see me graduate, but only to see me leave so he could be the king of the geeks again.

There is only one thing I liked about that teacher: he owned an Amiga 2000 and he loved it. There was only one problem: I knew more about Amiga's than he did!
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