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Originally Posted by madenph
In our class we had the Amiga running the "say" speech synthesizer, mainly because it played havoc with the teacher marking the attendance register. Apart from that it got used for playing Batman The Movie and when conditions permitted, the drawing of big cocks on the screen in Deluxe Paint. Happy days!
Haha yeah man, the drawing of big cocks and running "say" to say profanities, very amusing at primary school.

At primary school we had Amigas, Just the 500 models. I used to get asked by the teacher how to this and that, (ie how to beat the spider boss at then end of insect island, level 4 on Rainbow Islands). Then I got in trouble for bringing games from home which had virus's. Shit I didn't even know what a virus was back then when I was 7.

Yep good old A500s, some of them had the extra half meg of Ram, so I had to take games from home to play them at primary school, cos I didn't get the extra 512k till hmm 92 or 93.

There was also a apple ][e.

At intermediate they had Acorns, and some amigas, but the amigas were on the way out (this was 95-96), so I went in there, stole disks, manual and some hardware (just 512k of ram, didn't grab the PARallel MIDI adapter damn it). Those disks had lots of virus's mainly the BGS9.

Then at high school 97-2001 they had Apple Macs, LC2, LC3, and 1 or 2 PPC ones, but most of them were just 030s / 040s.

Amiga for ever!!
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