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Flickering Workbench Windows.

Anyone got a straightforward answer to a recurrent annoyance?

Any version of UAE, Amithlon, AmigaXL... doesn't matter.
DirOpus MII 5.82
MCP solid-window dragging set.

File windows flicker like crazy when dragged about. App windows don't seem to be a problem.
If I right-click to: Settings->Enviroment:Backgrounds, and make any change here ( eg: change the backdrop or its remapping ) it's cured till the next reboot.
It's not allways a problem ( often it seems to come & go with changes in setup/software ) but I've not found a reproduceable cause/cure so I'm left waiting for the next time this stops happening......if ever.

My setup has alot of patches/utils/software which may be interacting badly so if there isn't a simple answer I'll post my S:Startup & User-Startup files along with WBStartup contents & Picasso settings if anyone is feeling especially helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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