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Maybe not the answer you're after...
Right-Click icon(s) & Snapshot their position. They should then stay put.

Is something moving them?
The Ram Disk icon is not normally Snapshotable & when it relocates to its default position on a reboot it can move others about too. ( v. annoying )
I keep the following lines in my S/User-Startup:
;Begin Set Ram/Env Icon Position
Copy Workbench:Prefs/Presets/ to
Copy Workbench:Prefs/Presets/ to
;END Set Ram/Env Position
( This will make sure the rogue icon(s) stay put............ )

;Begin ReSnapshot Ram/Env Icon Position
;Copy to Workbench:Prefs/Presets/
;Copy to Workbench:Prefs/Presets/
;END ReSnapshot Ram/Env Position
( Run the above commands(s) minus ';' in a shell window *AFTER* you Right-Click-Snapshot your icon(s) to save their position. )

If means nothing to you, ignore those lines...
Workbench: may have a different name on your setup, Sys: should do if you don't know.

I seem to remember from another post you have OS3.5. I'm pretty sure you'll find a script for auto-arranging icons in the contribs folder. You'll still need to snapshot them after. No idea if this will work in 3.1.

Maybe Aminet can help?

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